Resurrection Lutheran
Celebrating 40 Years


A Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
1211 Homer M Adams Parkway
Godfrey, Illinois  62035
(618) 466-2788

Pastors:  Steven Tibbetts

THIS WEEK’S CALENDAR  - March 17th through March 24th, 2019

Sunday, March 17th                      8:00 a.m.                       Worship and Eucharist 
                                                        9:00 a.m.                       Welcome for Pastor Tibbetts
                                                       10:00 a.m.                      Worship and Eucharist

Tuesday, March 19th                     7:00 p.m.                        Boy Scout Meeting

Wednesday, March 20th               6:00 p.m.                        Lenten Meal
                                                         7:00 p.m.                        Lenten Worship Service

Thursday, March 21st                   9:45 a.m.                         Friends & Neighbors
                                                         6:00 p.m.                        Worship Committee
                                                         7:00 p.m.                        Church Council

Sunday, March 24th                      8:00 a.m.                         Worship and Eucharist 
                                                        9:00 a.m.                         Bible Study
                                                       10:00 a.m.                        Worship and Eucharist



Today, we extend a joyous welcome to Pastor Steven Tibbets on his first service at Resurrection and
to wish him a very Happy 60th Birthday, which is today.  What a day for him to remember.  Welcome!
Refreshments will be srved between services in honor of this great day for Pastor Tibbetts and for 
our congregation to be blessed.


The flowers in front of the altar are given to the Glory of God in honor of Pastor Tibbetts' first service at Resurrection
by his parents, Jeanne and Churck Tibbetts and family.

The flowers behind the altar are given to the Glory of God in honor of Pastor Tibbetts' 60th birthday by the
organist, Ken Rueter.

Lenten Meals

Remember to sign up for Wednesday's LEnten Meal, and check to see if any food is needed.  We had
a wonderful turnout on Ash Wednesday, a great fellowship with everyone.


Our last Saturday serivce until further notice was Saturday, May 12, 2018


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