God’s Work. Our Hands. 2022

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Adult Bible Study

Sundays at 8:45 am

Ask, Thank, Tell by Charles R. Lane

Discover what Sharing Generously means:

  • Understanding that all we have and possess is from and because of God and, like our generous God we as faithful followers of God must also be generous with what we have and who we are.
  • Sharing opens our doors to community and fellowship.
  • Realizing that Resurrection is the focal point of our faith community and as such needs members support to maintain and enhance our community and our outreach.

November 27 It All Belongs to God

December 4 Money/Possessions in the New Testament

December 11 Portrait of a BiblicalGiver

December 18 Practicing Biblical Stewardship

December 25 No Class – Christmas Worship

January 1 No Class – Name of Jesus – Worship

January 8 Ask: The Annual Response Program

January 15 Improving How You Ask

January 22 Thank

January 29 Tell

February 5 Organizing for Your Stewardship Ministry